To Prevent Lice

Spray on hair daily in the morning and/or at night. Work through entire head of hair.


To Remove Lice

Spray on hair at night and comb through dampened hair with a fine toothed comb in the morning.




**(Melaleuca alternifolia) Melaleuca or Tea Tree & Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Distilled Aqua




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100ml Poux de Tête Prevention Spray (Lice Preventative)

  • I was aware of Rachelle's concoctions and at this time our school was constantly getting bouts of lice and as we all know the lice mixtures that are bought at my chemist are so potent and harsh of the scalp.. I decided to ask Rachelle if she could find a blend that could deter the little creatures. Rachelle had made up a lice preventative / treatment blend thats smells so lovely and effective- in fact I just spray it through my daughter's hair each morning! I am so happy with this special blend that we use it everyday to keep lice away. I would definitely recommend it

    Kylie S